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Welcome to the online presence of the Paul M. Angell Family Foundation. At this site, you can learn about the Foundation, its granting activities, and peruse our recent grant recipients. Current account holders can log into the online grant management area to work on open applications or complete reports. While you're here, please click on "About Paul M. Angell" to learn about the life of the man who inspired the formation of this Foundation.

Application procedures are changing.
The Foundation is initiating a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) system.
Starting June 23, Foundation account holders will be able to submit their 
preliminary grant proposals as an LOI.
The system of access codes will be eliminated. Click here for more on this new process. 
Please visit our new Guidelines page for information and assistance in our granting process.


Contemporary life presents countless challenges. Stresses in areas as diverse as education, work life, the ecology, and health can be all-consuming. Fortunately, many of our myriad challenges are being met with stimulating ideas by creative individuals. Those with the persistence to organize their ideas into action often lack only adequate funding.

It is the mission of the Paul M. Angell Family Foundation to supply needed funding to organizations which are addressing the needs of modern society. Our areas of granting include the Performing Arts, Environmentalism, and general Social Causes.

For more information about our specific granting activity, click on the "About the Foundation" button, above left.

Contact the foundation's Chicago office by phone at (773) 628-6980.
You may also contact Chief Administrative Officer, Kimberly Van Horn, by email at
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